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We are a Fire Protection Engineering Consulting Firm that specializes in helping our clients mitigate fire and life safety issues, while preserving the welfare of the public.

Mission Statement

Core Value

We offer tailor-made and comprehensive consulting services that bridge project stakeholders.

Our core value is built by teamwork, accountability and perseverance.

our services

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Certified Professional Services

Certified Professional Program is an alternative permitting process that helps clients expedite the building permit approval process in the City of Vancouver and City of Surrey based on our review of the drawings.

Independent Professional Review Services

Independent Professional Review is a third party building code review for various municipalities to ascertain code compliance.

Building Code  Consulting Services

Building Code Consulting to fire and life safety for new or existing building developments.

Alternative solutions can be developed to address code deviation design.

 Fire Suppression System Design

Fire suppression system design can be provided for new or existing building development.

      Fire Alarm System Design

Fire alarm system design can be provided for new or existing building development.

Performance Based Fire Engineering Design

Computer fire/smoke and egress modeling can be provided to performance based building design.

Why Choose Us

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Client Focus

Have deep understanding of what client’s need, make strategic plans, inform them the best options.


Value our relationship with authority having jurisdictions, clients, and project team.

Excellent Team

Offer clients with our excellent team, who understand the importance of teamwork in accomplishing project success.


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Jack Hui
M.Eng., P.Eng., CP
Lisa Fang
P.Eng., CP
Edward Chow
M.Eng., P.Eng., CP
Justin Lau